Best Car Rental in Medan,Indonesia

Car Rental in Medan provides a wide selection of the best and most comfortable services. for routes to the city of Medan you can use our services which are very efficient. Why? first we don’t need to find a driver. because already there from our driver. then you don’t need to be confused about the route, especially if you never or don’t understand.

Medan car rental provides convenience for those of you who have an unused fleet in the house. You can rent your car at our company. You have nothing to lose and don’t have to worry about the car being damaged or dirty. because every month we do routine service and routine cleaning.

Trusted car rental in medan

Car rental in Medan, the price is quite affordable, the problem of comfort and quality that is provided does not need to be doubted. For that for you visitors from afar. Before you choose a Medan car rental service, it’s a good idea to know the following things.

  1. Select a car type

This really needs to be considered when you want to use car rental services in Medan, because cars are the access that we use. For that you need to choose the type of car that suits your needs. both in terms of brands and rental prices. Because then it will make your trip feel comfortable.

  1. The condition of the car

Choosing the right type of car must always be ensured. You have to pay attention to whether the car is still fit for use or not. Because in this case it is very dangerous if the car you are using is not suitable for use. In a car rental in Medan, we use a car that is in prime condition and is maintained regularly.

  1. Professional driver

Even though the type and condition of the car is what you need, you also need to consider choosing a professional driver. With an experienced driver, you won’t have to be afraid when you are traveling. good drivers are always polite and friendly to customers.

Types of vehicles in the rental car in Medan


Toyota Avanza,This type of car is perfect if you are on vacation with your family. this type of car has a fairly large seating area. this will make you comfortable when on vacation. You can pay IDR 400,000 for 12 hours of use


This type of car is perfect for those of you who want to travel for a full day in the field or travel to other places. This car seat is designed with a size wider than the Avanza type. The rental price is IDR 450,000 for 12 hours usage

Innova Reborn

The Innova Reborn car is the type of car that is most in demand. This includes the latest cars in 2018 and at a price of IDR 650,000, you can use them for 24 hours

Toyota Hiace

This type of hiace car is very suitable for those of you who travel in groups. this type of car has a large size. it will load 13-15 passengers. enough for IDR 1,500,000, you can use this type of car 12 hours.

Isuzu Elf Short

This type of car is very suitable for those of you who travel in groups. by having a very large size. will be able to load as many as 10-13 passengers. For this car rental price for a full day of IDR 900,000

Isuzu Elf

Isuzu Elf Long car is very suitable for those of you who travel with other people in large numbers. this type of car has a large size. clearly able to accommodate 15-17 passengers. You can pay IDR 1,100,000. You can use this type of car 12 hours.

Toyota Fortuner

For those of you who need Medan car rental services with units that are reliable but luxurious. car rental in medan provides toyota fortuner as a solution. This type of SUV that is able to bulldoze all-terrain roads is a production from Toyota which is named Fortuner.

The Fortuner car rental package in Medan is one of our services for you to use while in the city of Medan which is famous for its various road contours. If you are a tourist who wants to fully enjoy the charm of natural beauty, then using our Fortuner Medan car rental is the right choice.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The resilience of the Mitsubishi Pajero has no longer been doubted since winning the paris dakkar rally in 1985, adventure tourism with extreme road terrain in the terrain and its surroundings. not mighty, it is difficult to be devoured by this suv car, the last generation of this car appears with a sporty face.

Reliable engine performance makes us provide pajero car rental packages in the field easier for you to enjoy, immediately contact our customer service to feel the sensation of riding a luxury suv car with the best performance in its class.

Toyota Alphard

It is not complete to say as a transportation service company if you don’t have an Alphard Medan rental service. This luxury car is an indicator of one’s success in an economic aspect. The luxury and prestige as the innate genetic alphard makes anyone who uses it feel confident.

No wonder the company’s top management, famous artists, regional officials and military officials use this car to support their activities and mobility. For those of you who need an alphard rental service in the field, please contact us immediately.

Advantages of Medan Car Rental Services

  • The car is very comfortable to use, and has a good engine.
  • Punctuality of travel.
  • The service is guaranteed to be very comfortable and high quality.
  • The safety is guaranteed.
  • The price offered is quite affordable and cheap.
  • Flexible use, can be 12 hours and 24 hours.

How to rent a Medan car

Contact Us, please contact the contact number available on our website , you can make communication, reservation, consultation or price negotiations by telephone or whatsapp application.

Don’t forget to provide your personal identity in the form of an identity card, driving license and family card via our official email or WhatsApp. for driverless car rental services in Medan there will be a verification process through a survey.

We strive to provide the best for all customers. You must convey information about the purpose of using the car so that we can provide excellent service for you.