Luxury Quality Car Rental in Medan

Car rental in Medan is a car rental service provider company in Medan and its surroundings. We provide Fleets with clean, prime and well-maintained conditions. Our fleet includes the Toyota Avanza, All new Innova Reborn, All new Fortuner, All new Pajero, Alphard and HiAce which are spacious and spacious.

With friendly and experienced drivers, we are sure to provide the best solution for all transportation needs for you and your family. it will be a good experience while you are in the terrain.

Price packages are available (car + driver), (car + driver + fuel) and car rental services without a key or without a driver with easy and fast requirements, for the convenience of drivers, there are also cars with manual transmission and automatic transmission. so it remains only to choose which car is suitable according to the wishes of the customer.

To make it easier to accommodate transportation needs, the image of transport serves a variety of needs that can be handled properly and professionally ranging from car rentals, city tours, tours, pick-ups, drop-offs inside and outside the city.

List of cars to choose from

We are always committed to serving, especially in fulfilling the need for easy transportation and can accommodate all needs. we prepare a complete and quality fleet for you.

The goal is that customers are satisfied with using our car rental service. as for some vehicles that are very familiar and available here. so customers don’t have to bother looking for car rental services in other places that don’t necessarily provide the same satisfaction.

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya is present as a small and agile city car in urban areas, making this car a choice for city residents who want an agile vehicle to penetrate traffic jams in urban areas and narrow roads.

Moreover, this car is quite economical when invited to travel within and outside the city, for the problem of agya car prices, including from the LGCC, which we know is quite cheap but does not rule out the safety and comfort of driving.

Daihatsu Xenia

This Mpv car is a product from ASTRA, where the model made is almost exactly the same as the Avanza, the most important difference is in the engine sector and additional features that are leveled by the manufacturer.

Xenia itself uses an engine from Daihatsu where it is known that the Daihatsu engine has a pretty good performance and of course is fuel efficient, so people often choose this car as a rental vehicle.

passenger seating capacity that can carry 7 people at once. This is a good alternative for you in determining a family vehicle both for trips within the city and out of town. because Xenia fuel consumption deserves to be the best choice for you and your family

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza car rental in Medan, everyone probably already knows the Avanza car where this car is the market leader in the MPV class. This car earned the nickname the car of a million people. quite familiar and the best choice for Indonesian people in general.

This car is quite popular in Indonesia, especially as a family dream car. using a compact and simple exterior design. on the body of this car is quite classy and luxurious interior sector.

This Toyota car carries a cabin space that is large enough for 7 passengers with a dashboard design that also looks more exclusive. This car is in demand for car rental business users because many consumers also want this car

Innova Grand New

Innova cars are often ordered. innova has a quite classy interior design. for those who drive will seem to have its own prestige value.

supported by a comfortable interior, spacious cabin space. can be filled up to 7 passengers. for the Kijang Innova engine using gasoline and diesel engines. so customers just choose which type they prefer.

Innova Reborn

Innova reborn is the newest generation of the deer family. this car is a type of premium MPV car from Toyota. The legendary car from Toyota Indonesia for more than 4 decades has always kept up with the times. now the exterior design is more luxurious and bigger for the MPV car class.

The grille and bumper design looks firm. pinned a premium Projector Headlamp. While the interior of this car is quite classy.

Chair wrapping with comfortable material to sit on and for certain types using leather upholstery. The dashboard is in line with the car design that has a premium impression


Hiace car is a product of Toyota and this vehicle was presented to Indonesia to enliven the market share in the transportation business in particular. This is a minibus with a seat size of between 10-16.

Toyota Hiace comes in 2 types, namely the Toyota Hiace High Grade and the Toyota Hiace Commuter. To complete business needs, the two types of Toyota Hiace have advantages and disadvantages that match their prices.

As a premium Minibus car, Toyota Hiace presents various advantages that can meet user needs. Overall, type Toyota Hiace has the same specifications. This same specification can be felt in the engine sector, namely using a 2,494 cc engine that has 16 valves on 4 cylinders with DOHC D-4D technology.

Already supports Diesel-based Common Rail Fuel technology which is moved with a 5-speed manual transmission, so it can produce powerful power and torque and can save fuel consumption.

In terms of appearance, the Hiace car looks elegant and classy with a VVIP taste. it’s not wrong if this hiace car is often rented by executives, officials, artists and important people who want to experience driving with full comfort.

In addition, this hiace car is supported by an attractive interior and does not rule out safety and comfort such as Air Conditioner (AC), adjustable seats, not to forget seat belts and headrests on each seat.

In terms of entertainment, there is audio and video to accompany your trip. no wonder this car is often chosen by customers to meet transportation accommodation needs, such as tours, tours, meetings, gatherings, and others.

if you maybe have the desire to try it. You can come directly to Medan 88 Rent Car services and call crew website you can rent this car at the best price. and You can try it directly with your beloved family.