Medan Rent Car 24 Hours Service

Medan 88 Rent Car is a provider of car rental services and travel agents. Renting various types of rental cars such as MPV, City Car, Hatback, Sedan, Big MPV, SUV, Double Cabin, Micro Bus, Tourism Bus, Wedding Car / Wedding Car at competitive prices for various business, personal and family needs.

We are here for those of you who have high mobility needs. by providing the best service. Medan car rental services that we offer can be a great solution. best price we always try to feature. this will help you in all your everyday needs.

The advantages of our Medan car rental

In the midst of your busy daily activities. four-wheeled vehicles have always been the top choice for traveling. this encourages us to understand well your needs. by offering many advantages. we are ready to help you to get the best choice of vehicle.

We have more advantages in terms of providing services to the community. as our customer, you can get more convenience. especially in terms of comfort, cleanliness and service that we try to provide for you. this will be a pleasant experience when you rent a car at our place a as long as you are in the city of medan.

Professional Services

Our full service prioritizes customer satisfaction. we do this with utmost totality and professionalism. You can enjoy the trip in full comfort.

Pick-up of cars inside and outside the city

Don’t worry if our garage is far from where you live, because there is a vehicle shuttle service to make it easier for you when you need a vehicle or even when returning the vehicle.

Complete and Latest Types of Vehicles

We offer the latest and greatest types of vehicles. starting from City Car, Hatchback, MPV, Minivan, SUV, Wedding Car, Sedan, Medium Bus, VIP, and Big Bus from various brands that you can use according to your needs. choose the type of vehicle that suits your current needs.

24 Hour Booking Service

In order to make it easier for customers to meet their ordering needs, 24-hour service is available so whenever you need us we will always be ready.

Friendly customer service

For us, customers must get friendly and courteous service. Our customers are friends to us. You don’t need to hesitate to contact our customer service to consult about the type of car, the rental price and the desired time duration.

All Risk insurance vehicles

Have a road accident or your car broke down on the way? do not panic. All vehicles we own are equipped with All Risk insurance for accidents or strikes. You don’t have to worry.

Experienced and friendly driver

We provide reliable, friendly and experienced drivers who know the terrain of the road as well as mastery of machines, therefore there is no need to doubt their skills to take them to various destinations safely and comfortably.

Cheapest Medan Car Rental Prices

We offer car rental services at cheap and competitive prices, the fleets that are used are the latest releases even though there are still old family units but of course the prices are much cheaper

Excellent vehicle condition, clean and comfortable

All of our car units are maintained strictly and regularly every day. Our car units are always in prime condition and ready to use. comfort, safety, and exclusive appearance are the top priority in the service you can receive.

We serve car rental services for needs such as car rental for family events, weddings, family tours, business needs, school trips, field project surveys, official trips, etc. of course at competitive and affordable prices for each type of car.

The rental car unit that we have is always maintained in terms of comfort and safety, we are always done regularly and always in a clean and fragrant condition. so that you as a user will feel at home.

In addition, the complete types of rental cars such as MPV, City Car, Hatback, Sedan, Big MPV, SUV and Double Cabin give you more choices to determine which car to use.

Some of the rental cars that are frequently used by our customers include:

Toyota Avanza: This million people car is most often used by families with a passenger capacity of 7 people and is very fuel efficient.

Daihatsu Xenia: This car almost matches the fame of the Toyota Avanza with the same capacity and same efficiency.

Suzuki APV: This car is among the most frequently used like the Avanza and Xenia, has a passenger capacity of 7 people and is fuel efficient.

Suzuki Ertiga: This car is usually used for family and personal needs, has a passenger capacity of 7 people and is fuel efficient.

Toyota Kijang Innova: This car has more comfort than the Avanza, Xenia and Ribs which can be used for family and business needs with a capacity of 7 people.

Honda Jazz: This car is young at heart, can be used for family and business needs with a capacity of 5 people.

Toyota Yaris: This car has the same characteristics as the Honda Jazz with a capacity of 5 people.

Toyota Camry: This car has high prestige and comfort, suitable for businesses and families with a capacity of 5 people.

Toyota Fortuner: This car has a dashing impression and high comfort, it can be used for business or families and has a power of 7 people.

Toyota Hiace: This car is a kind of micro bus that has an exclusive impression and high comfort, usually used for travel or family purposes.

If you need a rental vehicle in the field. we medan rent car is ready to provide the best service to you. all the facilities that we try to provide can make you comfortable. by offering affordable prices. You can enjoy traveling in a terrain full of excitement.

Choose the vehicle that suits your needs. we are ready to provide good service. By having professional service, you can get satisfaction. We always serve all customers 24 hours. for more information can directly communicate with officers get the best price quote from Medan 88 Rent Car now,You can enjoy a comfortable and safe journey.