Medan Rent Car Price From IDR 350K

We provide tour services and transportation needs for your trip while in Medan. Good for business trips or tours with family. We Medan 88 Rent Car provide the best transportation services to support the activities and activities of you and your family with car rental prices starting at 350k / day.

Talking about the advantages of car rental without keys, the tenant has the flexibility or can be said to be more flexible in using the car. That is the main advantage of this type of car rental.

However, if the car rental is outside the area, the driver from the company does not understand the route. so there will be other problems and difficulties. especially for the route to be taken. At this point car rental losses can occur.

One of the advantages of field car rental is the tenant’s convenience and privacy. you can use the car as if using your own car. you will not feel awkward because there are other people on the trip. so a driverless car rental can be the right choice.

The second advantage of car rental is that it can save on rental costs. You don’t need to pay for a chauffeur service. including for the driver’s rate, driver meals and driver’s lodging if taking out of town or staying outside the city.

In addition, for this type of car rental, damage is usually charged to the tenant in the event of damage. even though our car rental uses insurance (dependents are seen from the weight or failure of the damage).

Why do many consumers choose Medan Car Rental?

  • Practical
  • Type of car as needed
  • Save Time And Maintenance Costs
  • Friendly Driver
  • New car

Why should you use Medan Car Rental?

  • Professional Services
  • Types of cars vary according to customer desires
  • The car rental network is extensive and exists in several major cities in Indonesia
  • Car rental prices are very affordable
  • Customers trust Medan car rental for more than 10 years
  • Experience in handling national and international events
  • Become a partner of national private companies and government agencies

Medan Rent Car Price from IDR 350K

We are here as a Medan car rental service to fulfill all your needs. with various types of vehicles that we have. You can enjoy traveling in the terrain comfortably. The rental prices we offer are quite varied and affordable. we always strive for all vehicles in prime condition.

DAIHATSU AYLA     • IDR 350,000 / 12 hours • IDR 400,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 5 people

DATSUN GO +          • IDR 350,000 / 12 hours • IDR 400,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 5 people

HONDA MOBILIO   • IDR 350,000 / 12 hours • IDR 400,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 5 people

AVANZA VELOZ       • IDR 450,000 / 12 hours • IDR 500,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 8 people

INNOVA REBORN   • IDR 600,000 / 12 hours • IDR 650,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 5 people

TOYOTA AVANZA    • IDR 400,000 / 12 hours • IDR 450,000 / 24 hours Capacity: 8 people

Terms and Conditions for Car Rental in Medan

  • 16 hours of work from 06.00 – 22.00 (one day)
  • Car rental above 06.00 still subject to day rental
  • The rental price does not include parking, tolls and driver meals
  • The driver’s meal fee per day is IDR 100,000 / or if you wish to be invited to every meal
  • Rent a car above 21.00 then you will be charged a midnight price (there is an additional fee)
  • Order at least 1 day before use
  • Payment of rent at the time of pickup at the meeting point / at the end of the trip
  • Unilateral cancellation of the meal tenant forfeited down payment
  • Overtime usage is subject to charge of 10% per hour from the 1 day rental price
  • For out-of-town use and overnight stays, an accommodation fee for the driver is charged IDR 200,000 / night
  • Loss / damage to goods during the trip is beyond responsibility
  • prices above apply to low season, prices can change at any time

Benefits of Medan Car Rental for Holidays

Indeed, if you look at it, renting a car will cost a lot of money. if calculated, the money spent could be more efficient than taking public transportation. Because the price is to pay for the cost of the trip from leaving until the trip ends.

  1. Maximum comfort factor

If we rent a car, then we can get maximum comfort, like taking a private car. In the car, there are complete supporting facilities, starting from AC, music, TV, and others. So we are free to use it, as we wish, so that the journey becomes enjoyable.

  1. Privacy will be maintained properly

If you rent a car, of course, only you and your family will be in the car. in the car will be quite relieved and not crowded like when taking public transportation.

  1. Free to choose a route

Car rental means we have full rights to the car. So we are free to use it by any means. So that we can more freely choose the fastest and easiest route to the desired tourist location.

  1. Be on time

With a car rental, we can make a clear and measurable travel schedule. So at that time we leave, at that time until the location, time for going home. everything we can plan easily, and certainly not difficult to be on time according to the schedule specified.

  1. The safety factor is more guaranteed

Crime can happen at any time. However, if we use a rental or private vehicle, the potential for crime to occur during the trip can be minimized.

  1. Choice of vehicles quite a lot

You can choose the type of vehicle according to the number of seats available and according to your needs. We have collaborated with the best vendors to answer all your needs. There are vehicles with a capacity of 4 seats, 6 seats to 20 seats that you can order through us.

  1. There is a pick up service

We understand what you need. we provide a pick-up service for those of you who come from out of town. both at airports, terminals, tourist attractions, hotels, and others.