Medan Rent Car Special Tour

Our Medan car rental service provides various types of the latest types of fleets for transportation facilities within and outside the city of Medan. such as Toyota Innova Reborn, Toyota Avanza, Isuzu ELF , Isuzu ELF Short, Isuzu ELF NLR, Toyota Fortuner , Toyota Hiace, & Toyota Alphard.

The vehicles we use in Medan 88 Rent Car services are of course in excellent and well-maintained condition. We also always carry out routine service on every vehicle in the official workshop to ensure the car is in prime condition when it is rented by the customer.

All the fleets that we provide, of course, you can use for various purposes and activities. For those of you who travel on business, office, business, personal, study tours, pilgrimages, weddings / weddings, graduations, gatherings, takziah, work visits, film shooting, logistics and others in and out of Medan city. Our Medan car rental is very fitting and can be the right choice.

Our Medan car rental services are also equipped with drivers who are experienced and reliable and have broad insight, so for those of you who want to travel in Medan. We have drivers who can speak English and Mandarin well for foreign tourists who come to Medan and need Medan guide and rental car services.

Medan Rent Car special tour

As a professional field car rental company, we have advantages and disadvantages that other companies do not have. Now many Medan car rental companies are new and scattered on the internet, they offer a variety of facilities and the lowest prices to attract customers.

As a potential car rental customer in Medan, you must be careful and careful in choosing. You need to know, there are no good facilities that will be provided at a cheap price, such as trade law (there is a price, of course there is quality). so you don’t be easily provoked by prices that are too cheap and unreasonable.

We provide competitive and affordable car rental prices for all of our customers with complete facilities. such as a car with AC, music, Recleaning Seat and Mineral water on every trip. Of course we provide this facility FREE for our customers. So if there is a car rental service in Medan that is cheap, complete facilities and professional service, most likely it is us.

Medan Car Rental Conditions

If you rent for more than 2 days, you will get a discount of IDR 25,000 of the rental price, calculated every day

Use out of town for a maximum of 16 hours on the same day and not later than 24:00 WIB

If the driver is staying outside the city, an additional IDR 100,000, – per night

Overtime / overtime will be charged a fee of 10% of the rental price per day (this only applies to the 12 hour Medan car rental package)

Prices differ for National holidays, Eid holidays, Christmas & New Year

FREE pick-up / drop-off at terminals, airports, hotels and others in the Medan area

If pickup at the airport will be charged an additional fee of IDR 50,000, –

We consider the conditions above to be understood by the tenant when ordering.

How to order?

Please choose a suitable medan car rental and want to use it

Read the pricing terms before you place an order so there is no price dispute with us

Contact our admin to get information on price and unit availability on the day and date you ordered via the phone / whatsaap number or email on the contact page

Make a payment (Down Payment) of 25% as a sign, if there is a rental cancellation, the DP is forfeited

Full payment of a maximum of 1 day before the rental date or after the trip is complete

Cancellation of the order on the D day, the tenant will be charged 100%.

Why Rent a Car in Medan?

The price is cheap & economical

In terms of price, our car rental certainly guarantees that the price we offer is cheaper and affordable compared to other providers. The price we provide is in accordance with the type of vehicle and the route the tenant will go to.

There are many types of cars

We provide various types of vehicles ranging from a capacity of 5 to 50 passenger seats. Such as cars for family, private, business class and tourism.

New & Maintained Vehicles

All rental car fleets that we offer to customers are the latest year’s output cars with clean and well-maintained conditions.

Flexible Rental Duration

To make it easier for you to save costs, you don’t need to worry about going out of your way to spend a lot of money. You can rent our Medan car for 4 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, per day even 24 hours.

But for our standard booking is a car rental for 12 hours and per day. Medan car rental duration 4 & 6 hours only applies to Avanza and Innova cars. You can ask our admin first for the duration of the rental you want.

Reliable & Experience Driver

All drivers who work in the Medan rent car are reliable and experienced drivers who have extensive insight into the city of Medan. Have a good personality and good ethics like a friendly local resident of Medan.

City Tour Packages are available

Medan city is one of the cities where many tourists come because they want to visit interesting tourist locations. Medan holds a lot of natural, historical, cultural, beach, religious and shopping places.

Sometimes tourists who come from outside the city do not bring their own vehicles and choose to rent a car. We provide car rental packages for city tours in Medan at low prices and you can adjust it according to the size of your group.

FREE Drop-In & Out

For those of you who use our Medan car rental service, we provide FREE Drop-In & Out or pick-up at airports, terminals, hotels and in all Medan areas.

24/7 Customer Service

Our customer service assistance is always ready and online 24/7 to record orders and respond to complaints from customers.