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Honda Mobilio

Syafril Apri
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This car is in great demand in Indonesia and competes with the best MPV cars. The reason Indonesians buy this car, because the price is cheap and quite affordable in its class.

Honda also offers six different variations. this automatically affects the price of Honda Mobilio cars to be more varied. You can get the cheapest type for 200 million. The price of Honda Mobilio in 2021 is not much different from the Mitsubishi Xpander.

Where both compete in the middle to upper MPV segment. but Honda Mobilio has many features that are comparable to the Xpander. so Honda is not worried about losing to a new car like the Xpander class.

Honda Mobilio specifications

To find out what specifications this cheap Honda Mobilio MPV car has. You can listen to it here. all we explain in detail. as for some information on the new selling price of this Honda Mobilio that we write here.

So that you can have a good view when you want to buy it. here is some information about the specifications of Honda Mobilio that we can share with you in this great review.

The design appears newer and elegant

In the appearance of Honda Mobilio design, you can see a new touch here. Small touches on this car make it look even more charming and luxurious. At the front there is a new projector headlamp which is equipped with LED daytime running lights.

The installation of these lights will clearly look more attractive to view from various angles. interestingly this lighting is not just giving the impression of luxury to the rider. but are more likely to help in driving comfort, especially at night.

Meanwhile, on the front grille of the Honda Mobilio, now there are many combs that stretch across the front engine, this is clearly a fresher look. where comes with a silhouette that is quite attractive as a cover and on the side of the machine is clearly more eye-catching.

For Vleg which is applied to Honda Mobilio, now comes with a new model. using a dual tone design, it looks very harmonious on the front. where there are additional chrome accents that have succeeded in making the impression of Honda Mobilio fresher when viewed from the side.

Although the price of Honda Mobilio is quite cheap. but on the rear view of this car is getting cooler. where presents a new stop lamp design. this is the best spoiler variation that has given plus points and seems sporty.

The Honda Mobilio is equipped with a length of up to 4,386 mm, for a width of 1,683 mm and a height of 1,603 mm. In addition, this car has Whallbase dimensions of 2,650 mm. so that it has the same size as its predecessor generation. There are six different variations of the Honda Mobilio. where there are some quite obvious differences, both in design and in the features in it.

Tough engine performance in its class

Turning to the engine and performance sector owned by Honda Mobilio. this is a very good machine. which has been confirmed by Honda by stating unequivocally, that the engine of Honda Mobilio is very powerful.

Comes using a Type 1.5L 4 cylinder inline engine with 16 valves + DBW. Added with a capacity of 1,496 cc planted. This succeeded in making Honda Mobilio more powerful, reaching 1,198 PS from 6,600 rpm.

As for torque, the Honda Mobilio car is recorded to be able to reach 148 Nm of torque at 4,600 RPM. Where it accelerates to the maximum. in addition, Honda Mobilio is also equipped with fuel injection system technology.

So it really can maintain the efficiency of fuel consumption which is quite good and comparable to its predecessor generation. For the large power generated by Honda Mobilio with a 1,500 cc engine, it is now presented with a 5-speed M / T transmission.

Suspension and comfort

Comfort in driving is arguably an essential value that must be owned in any family car, including the Honda Mobilio. This is also felt right when you want to buy a Honda Mobilio.

Where comes with a very comfortable performance and driving comfort. Honda Mobilio comes with the use of a McPherson Strat front suspension and is combined with an H-shaped torsion beam type rear suspension.

For the braking section, Honda Mobilio comes with ABS + EBD brake type and this is the best combination or variation it has. As for the ventilated disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.

Of the two types of brakes, Honda Mobilio is the best in its class today. Honda Mobilio's price is quite high, but this car is equipped with new dual tone alloy wheels. where ready to give a staylis and elegant style for the owner.

Another excellent feature

The price of Honda Mobilio is quite cheap, but the five different types have some great features that will not be the same, especially the Type E and Type RS. so for those of you who are planning to buy a Honda Mobilio.

Make sure to look at the type you are buying for the best features. The most expensive variant falls on the Honda Mobilio RS and it has the best features which are quite complete in its class.

There are many other features in the Honda Mobilio. including tilt steering which can be used to adjust the position of the steering wheel easily and comfortably. In addition, there is a security feature in the form of an immobilizer, which is easily integrated into the alarm system.

This alarm feature is only available for type E and RS in Honda Mobilio. The keyless feature is also embedded in the Honda Mobilio with type E and RS. so don't be surprised, if this type is more expensive the selling price. on the other hand, the frame used in this mobile has G-CON + ACE ™ technology with a side impact beam.

This is guaranteed to be very strong and sturdy, especially when a road accident occurs, it can help reduce the risk of a severe accident. The dual SRS front airbag feature is also embedded in the Honda Mobilio. this has become a necessity to keep riders safe.

In addition, the Pretensioner feature with Road Limiter Seat Belt, ISOFIX & Tether, and various other excellent safety features in the Honda Mobilio. With full functionality and affordability, making Honda Mobilio cars can be your first choice.

Looking at the reviews we provide here, you can get a glimpse of the existing specifications in Honda Mobilio. To get rid of your curiosity, here you can try it with medan rent car services. not only offers these types of cars, but there are several other types of vehicles that you can find there.


Harga Honda Mobilio

1 type available
Honda Mobilio Medan Car Rental
Type Harga
Mini MPVRp 350.000
*harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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