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Syafril Apri
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Good news is widespread in the automotive world from Indonesia, Japan's largest automotive company is giving new surprises. Toyota is widely recognized for its unmatched quality when it comes to surprising new cars.

LCGC is an innovation that is deliberately designed to meet the needs of the general public at a practical price and certainly not too expensive. Toyota itself is in development with the newest Toyota Calya car.

The name is a combination of Agya and Ayla. You should also know that the name Toyota Calya can be interpreted perfectly, in Sanskrit. Toyota makes the Calya car design better than the previous generation.

Toyota Calya has been present for several years in Indonesia. its appearance had made many people interested in having it. but not everyone can buy it quickly. because the price offered is quite high.

Even so, you can still try the Toyota Calya. by using the Toyota Calya Medan Car Rental service. You can use them first. so you can feel the comfort that is in it before buying.

Toyota Calya specifications

Present as a family car full of sophistication and uniqueness. Toyota Calya gives a different touch. This can be seen from the interior and exterior that is applied. even though it looks like the Avanza and Xenia cars. but in terms of comfort it looks very different.

Because the Toyota Calya is more updated with modern technology. not wrong if the price offered is high directly. but this price is quite comparable to the quality of the technology embedded in the car. You may be curious about the specifications of the Toyota Calya. below we try to provide the complete information for you.

The best and classy Toyota Calya design

From the existing appearance, the Toyota Calya gives a different touch from previous Toyota cars that have been released. although there are still some touches that are the same. but when viewed in detail it is very different.

At the front of the Toyota Calya is equipped with a large grille. this is very helpful in cooling the vehicle engine. Because the machine can cool down faster after use.

What is clear in the middle bumper is the characteristic of LCGC cars. all of this clearly must be used in Toyota's latest innovations in order to meet regulatory standards issued by the Indonesian government. With this addition, it does not affect the look that looks very distinctive in Indonesia.

It provides a very clear light. because Toyota itself is equipped with two large headlights. by using a design similar to the latest Toyota Avanza. this makes it easy for the driver while on the road. especially at night.

On the side, the Toyota Calya is similar to the design that the Datsun Go has. which gives an impression that is not tall and is more likely to extend towards the back. If it is adjusted to the transport capacity, the Toyota Calya can accommodate up to 7 people.

Continuing to the other rear side, Toyota Calya adopts the stop lamp model in Innova. but it still looks less than perfect when viewed. because these models tend to be smaller than those used in Innova cars.

Then you can take a closer look at the other back. in the license plate section used by Toyota Calya, this is very similar to the Toyota Agya. even a closer look is prettier. while in the curve of the body, the trunk door is similar to the Toyota Avanza.

It managed to attract the attention of many people to have it. It is true that this car is an adaptation of the Avanza series. but categorized in the cheap version. because the whole body is very similar. This Toyota Calya includes a vehicle that has a 4-door handle.

The engine performance is very good

It feels incomplete if you only look at the design or exterior of the Toyota Calya. now we get closer to the engine part that is implanted in this car. Toyota Calya comes using the same engine as the Etios Valco.

Where comes the 3NR-FE type engine, but it needs to adjust to the cabin capacity which must be spacious, namely 7 people. There are some pretty big changes in the Toyota Calya. 1.2 liter engine configuration equipped with dual VVT-i technology is considered capable of producing large power.

So that it will provide a sensation in driving that is different from a car in its class. As for the transmission used. Toyota Calya comes with an automatic transmission which has a compression ratio of 11.5: 1.

This acceleration is obviously very fast and easy to use. In terms of fuel consumption that will be issued. Toyota Calya now uses dual VVT-i technology which can reduce fuel consumption and is much more economical.

By using this technology, the Toyota Calya will be very environmentally friendly. where the fuel that will be released by the engine room is not wasteful. In addition to the 1.2L engine type, the Toyota Calya is also available in a lower engine version with the 1.0L engine code type 1KR-FE.

In this second engine version, the Toyota Calya will be equipped with a manual transmission which is very common in other cars. So that users can make choices and adjust their needs. With this small capacity machine, surely the price that will be offered is even more affordable for everyone.

The safety and comfort features of the Toyota Calya

Present as a cheap car in Indonesia that offers many advantages. this is not an excuse, because Toyota will never neglect the safety and comfort aspects of driving. In this LCGC car, the developer of the immobilization feature to avoid the danger of crime is applied.

In addition, there are also dual airbags that allow the driver and front passenger to survive without experiencing serious injury during a collision or accident. while for the interior, the Toyota Calya provides comfortable space for the driver and passengers.

Where the Toyota Calya comes using double blower air conditioning. This will obviously be able to keep the temperature in the cabin more stable. especially from sun attack during the day and keep the air fresh when driving for long periods.

Meanwhile, from the entertainment side, Toyota Calya provides a head unit that can be connected to Bluetooth. this will make it easier for drivers to be able to connect directly to devices that support the connection when in use.

All the features that are embedded in the Toyota Calya can give the driver and passengers a truly great comfort. to buy it you have to pay 130 million to 160 million.

This price will still be determined by the type you will choose. in addition, each city also has different price provisions. to try it, we suggest you use medan rent car services first. so that you can feel comfortable when driving with this car before you buy it.


Harga Toyota Calya

1 type available
Toyota Calya Medan Car Rental
Type Harga
Mini MPVRp 350.000
*harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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