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Toyota Innova Reborn

Syafril Apri
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So far there have been quite a lot of Toyota car enthusiasts who are enthusiastic about this superior product from Japan. Toyota itself has taken advantage of an excellent opportunity. by releasing the latest car, the Toyota Innova Reborn.

This car is a change from the previous generation Innova. in this latest generation there are some very big changes made by Toyota. From the rear side, this car looks more stylish and futuristic

This can be seen from the front of the new LED projector headlamp which provides very bright lighting. plus a rear bumper that is slightly larger than its previous generation. it will definitely look sporty and classy.

Everything has been changed to be very good in the Toyota Innova Reborn sporty. For those of you who want to enjoy this vehicle, but can't buy it directly. You can rent a Toyota innova reborn Medan.

So before buying it outright, you can find out first. especially in terms of interior, exterior, design, features, and others. in the following, we also want to explain a little to you about some of the specifications in the Toyota Innova Reborn.

Toyota innova reborn specifications

Named Innova as the newest generation since 2004, now the Toyota Kijang car no longer inherits the familiar name. In other words, the name Kijang is now more suitable or familiar with the name Innova.

This car is undergoing rapid changes. has now entered several generations. for the most recently known as Innova Reborn. comes with several types namely G, V, and Q. Not long after, Innova presents another series. including the Innova Venturer which has a higher price.

The highest type of Innova Reborn is close to the Fortuner price. to be a medium sized MPV vehicle. you could say Innova Reborn is the only MPV that has the best ladder frame chassis in its class. compared to other competitors. between Nissan Serena, Mazda Biante, and Kia Carens.

In Indonesia, Innova Reborn bridges the posison gap between the Toyota Sienta. now competing in the MPV segment with the sliding door model. Sales of Innova Reborn are expected to make a difference in early 2021. To provide more knowledge, here we inform the full specifications of Innova Reborn.

Innova Reborn engine performance

For the latest generation, Innova Reborn offers two engine options. among them remain the same, namely diesel engines and gasoline engines. Both of these machines have excellent performance. which will be very reliable and durable. all of this is deliberately created by Toyota, which has seen many consumers in Indonesia who are happy with diesel and gasoline engines.

Toyota itself provides the Innova Reborn with a 2GD FTV 4-cylinder engine type, using 16 DOHC valves and a VNT intercooler to be embedded in a diesel engine. while the type 1 TR-FE 4 cylinder in line with 16 DOHC valves is embedded in the gasoline engine.

By using dual VVT-I and has a cylinder capacity. each of these engines is capable of producing power up to 2,393 cc on a diesel engine and for a gasoline engine the figure can reach 1998cc.

In addition, the two engines from Innova Reborn have the same performance. where it can reach a maximum speed of 149PS at 6000 rpm (for diesel) and 139PS at 5600 rpm (for gasoline). while the Innova Reborn torque can reach 36.7 Kgm at 1,200-2,600 rpm (for diesel) and up to 18.7 Kgm at 4,000 rpm (for gasoline).

The dimensions and design are more fierce

For Toyota, the Innova Reborn is the latest generation with the best dimensions. where the length of the body of this vehicle reaches 4,735 with a width of 1,830 and has a height of 1,795 mm. while the front and rear distances are the same, namely 1,540 mm. for the axle axle, Innova Reborn reaches 2,750 mm.

This dimension is actually very suitable for an MPV car with a capacity of 7 passengers. With a very luxurious design touch. The Innova Reborn can be a perfect and stylish family car.

On the other hand, this car has a new LED projector headlamp design and is capable of emitting bright light. as for the fog lamps and the wide rear bumper. this makes the Innova Reborn even more dynamic and luxurious when you look at it from the front.

This design is perfect for users who want to look more stylish. on the interior and exterior. Innova Reborn has a beautiful and more modern instrument panel. More sophisticated features are also embedded in this car.

Among them are entertainment features, such as audio with an 8-inch touch screen. This feature will keep you entertained when there is a traffic jam. Not only that, this car also offers several other features that can spoil you.

Where there are other supporting features such as air conditioning that is integrated into the dashboard panel. If you press this, it can be adjusted automatically. So this one car will certainly have a high price compared to the previous Kijang Innova.

Safety and security features

To make driving more comfortable, the Toyota Innova Reborn offers safety features that can provide a sense of security when you are driving. This is done by providing an additional ABS + EBD braking system that is able to optimize braking well.

There are also other security features embedded, namely SRS AirBags which can prevent injuries during accidents. besides that, Innova Reborn has other safety features. including a side impact beam and a new seatbelt pretensioner force limiter.

This is all done to ensure better comfort and of course very safe. Of course the price to be offered is much higher. because it has advanced features. so you can imagine how much money you have to spend to own the Innova Reborn.

Very tough suspension and legs

From another point of view, such as the suspension, the Innova Reborn is all new. where the latest generation uses a double wishbone type with coil springs and stabilizers on the front suspension. while for the connector on the back, Innova Reborn uses coil and lateral springs.

Toyota still carries these two suspensions, because they can work well when traveling. both in rough terrain, potholes, and even steep roads. while for the legs, Innova Reborn is now equipped with a braking system that can stop better.

Where now pinning ventilated discs for the front brakes and for the rear brakes using the drum. These two brake systems are combined with tires measuring 215/55 R17 alloy (for diesel engines), 205/65 R16 alloy (for gasoline engines), and using 17 inch / 16 wheel alloy wheels.

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Toyota Innova Reborn Medan Car Rental
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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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