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Syafril Apri
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Car lovers must be familiar with the legendary Toyota manufacturers. Toyota is a world-renowned car manufacturer that is able to compete in the automotive market. especially for the car market in Indonesia.

One of the most successful Toyota products in the Indonesian automotive market in the hatback type is the Toyota Yaris. Surely you are familiar with this car. because now you can also find it at the Toyota Yaris Medan car rental.

Since its introduction, the Toyota Yaris has a stylish and aerodynamic appearance. this is able to attract car lovers in Indonesia. so you are increasingly able to compete in the Indonesian car market quickly and easily.

Apart from its stylish appearance, this car also has an interior with features that provide comfortable driving comfort. These advanced features will make you feel safe while driving, especially when you're with your family.

There are several variations or types that affect the price of different Toyota Yaris. Each variation has a modern interior with advanced technology. Toyota Yaris deserves to be called the best city car in Indonesia. because it has the most complete safety and security system. before buying, for those who want to know the rental price of the Toyota Yaris you can see on the website medan rent car services .and who want to know the specifications of the Toyota Yaris you can listen to it here

Toyota Yaris specifications

Toyota has made several changes to the Toyota Yaris to accommodate consumers, including a more stylish appearance. Especially when viewed from the front, side, and back. it is clear that there is a big change and become an attraction.

To continue its success in the Indonesian automotive market, Toyota has also made changes to the interior of the Toyota Yaris by incorporating several more sophisticated features than its predecessor. This car has several safety features that aim to provide driving comfort.

By offering more luxurious features and appearance. This actually makes the competitors of this type of hatchback car a little less insecure. if you want to know more about this Toyota Yaris. see with complete information.

Interior & Exterior

In terms of design, the Toyota Yaris looks really cool. has a sporty design with a front bumper that looks more modern than its predecessor. Toyota offers several different variations of the E and G. types, the best of which is the Yaris TRD Sportivo.

Everything is sold for 200 million, this is intended to compete with the Honda Jazz at a similar price. The dimensions themselves are 4,145 mm long by 1,730 mm wide and 1,500 mm high. The distance between the front and rear axles is 2,550 mm.

This makes the new Yaris longer than its predecessor. The Toyota Yaris has a little more luggage space and the cabin space is also spacious. while the luxurious appearance in the interior looks more modern.

The existence of a touch screen installed can be the main entertainment and it can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth. The audio system of this car is very good. because it has 6 speakers.

For those of you who buy the Toyota Yaris Sportivo, you can get a leather steering wheel with audio and TFT switches. because the price is higher and has a paddle shift feature that makes it easy to change gears when using manual mode. This feature is available only in the Yaris TRD Sportivo CVT series.

Meanwhile, the exterior design now looks more sporty and modern. This car has a cool design LED taillights. the TRD Sportivo type is equipped with a sporty front and rear bumper.

The roof spoiler adds to the coolness of the Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo. for the E grade variant still uses 15 ring wheels. while the TRD Sportivo type and grade G use 16 ring wheels with a sporty design.

Engine Performance

The Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo CVT has a driving mode consisting of eco mode and sport mode. there is a smart engine start / stop button and digital AC features that you can get if you buy the Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo variant.

The higher the price of the Toyota Yaris purchased, the more complete the features in it. However, all variations offer the same comfort. So what about the performance of the Toyota Yaris engine?

Compared to the previous generation, the Toyota Yaris is now powered by a 16 valve inline 4-cylinder engine and dual VVT-i technology. The performance that is owned is clearly very responsive. because it is offset by high power output reaching 107PS / 6,000rpm and torque of 14.3kgm / 4,200rpm.

This 1,496 cc engine is more powerful than the Rush and Terios. so the car acceleration capacity will increase by one level. The rack-and-pinion type steering system is optimized with electric power steering technology which makes it more comfortable to drive.

However, the steering wheel does not support telescopic sight. if you must be happy with this tilt agitation feature to change the position of the wheel up and down. there is a fuel injection technology that makes fuel consumption even more efficient.

The Toyota Yaris is now equipped with dual VVT-i technology and has proven to be able to improve fuel efficiency. For transmission, this car has a 5-speed manual variant and a 7-speed CVT. There is also a McPherson strut type front suspension and a torsion beam rear suspension.

However, the Toyota Yaris is not equipped with a stabilizer. although the suspension that the Toyota Yaris has is still very comfortable and still soft when facing potholes.

Braking and Feet

On the brakes, there is a disc brake model with a vent diameter of 14 inches at the front. however, this disc brake is only available on the Toyota Yaris TRD Sportivo. while for grade E and G types still use drum rear brakes.

All types of Toyota Yaris are equipped with an Anti-Lock Break System (ABS) braking system combined with an Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA) braking system. This will maximize the braking system and avoid fatal accidents.

Now all variants of the Toyota Yaris are equipped with Hill Start Assistance (HSA). so it can prevent the car from moving backwards when tilted. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) feature is also ready to optimize vehicle control before acceleration and cornering.

Most importantly, this car has seven airbags which provide maximum protection in case of an accident. Toyota Yaris is recognized as a car with a strong frame that can prevent severe collisions during an accident.

Latest Toyota Yaris Prices

The features of the Toyota Yaris are so complete. so do not be surprised if the price now exceeds Rp. 200 million. The Toyota Yaris has a 3-point seat belt with pretensioner and force limiter. these are on the front and rear seats.

The Isofix Tether Anchor feature is also shared by all variants. so the safety system is very complete and can compete with similar cars. The price of the Toyota Yaris starts from 260 million to 290 million. There are three types of CVT transmission systems which are divided into manual and automatic variations.

For those of you who are curious and want to try it out directly. now you can come to Medan 88 Rent Car to try driving it. You can use this stylish and modern car from Toyota for vacation activities with your family or used as an out-of-town official vehicle.


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Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
Syafril Apri
Marketing Executive
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